What is error 404, the reasons by which appear and what to make to solve it in a moment


If sometimes previous we have spoken on error 403, error 500 and error 503, now is called on to see the one that is perhaps most famous of all: error 404.

Protagonist of many jokes and memes, this code is of most common that there is and its solution is quite simple. But that yes, is easy if you know why it takes place, that is right what we counted you in the today post, in addition to being discovered his origin by all means and, how to solve it.

So if you want to have a free webpage of errors, our advice is that you continue reading.

Easier, impossible. 😉

What is error 404?

According to Wikipedia, he is the following thing:

HTTP 404 Not found Found or HTTP 404 is not a code of state HTTP that it indicates that host has not been able to communicate with the servant, but exists the resource that has been requested.

That it is a correct definition but from our point of view, is a a little complicated form to say something very simple: error 404 indicates that does not exist to where you want to accede.

That simple. Neither the servant is fallen, nor overloaded, nor nothing of the sort… He is only that you are aiming at the anything.

But, you knew that number 404 is not chosen by chance? Everything has to do with the CERN and the principle of Internet, and is that in this famous laboratory a room with the number 404 existed, that was where it was the data base.

Workers of that room were those that ordered to move archives to those who they asked them and then, when somebody asked for something that did not exist, sent a message to them that Room 404 shelp “– Not Found Cases out”.

And on that expression Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the Network of networks was based, for when he tried myself to accede to where there was nothing.

Reasons for error 404

Since there are saying, this message happens when you aim at the emptiness but, why happen can thus something? The normal thing is that he is some of the following reasons.

1. The page no longer exists

This is a situation that usually occurs more in stores online, where a product can be descatalogado and flocks its page but the direction stays. Although it can happen in any type of Web.

For example, if desire money with your page selling courses, you create a section for a promotion and once it happens, you eliminate it. The subject is in that no matter how much you erase in your WordPress, the URL continues being available and if somebody accedes, it will obtain an error 404.

2. You have changed the domain

To choose a domain is more complicated than it can seem. In fact, it is not rare that a webpage that already is online, decides that its domain is not absolutely correct and it changes it by another one.

If it is your case, and one has forgotten to you to make a redirection, all visits that still accede to the old domain will have a precious error 404 in their screen.

3. The URL badly is written

The normal thing is that throughout your webpage, connections to other zones of this to facilitate that the user sails of more fluid form by your site (and of step to increase your SEO) but much eye, because if you equivocations at the time of writing the link… error 404 to the song.

How to solve error 404

We review: arrived at this point, you know what is error 404, why it appears and until its origin. You already only have left to know how to fix it and right that she is what we taught you in the next lines.

1. Locate them with Search Console

We must confess that this tool of the great G enchants to us. In fact, we like so much that already we wrote a post exceeds she where we told everything you what you need to know. And it is that it enters its multiple functions, is one helps to find of automatic form east you type of errors. For it, you only have:

  1. To accede to Search Console.
  2. To puncture in “Tracking” in the lateral menu.
  3. Next, to click in “Errors of tracking”.

By all means, to use it you must have your Web associated with Google, that rare will be that it is not thus but of not being it, you have several gratuitous tools online that make the same work. Among all, of course those that emphasize more are W3C Link Checker and Death Checker Link.


2. Beam redirections with el.htaccess

Once you have located the directions that produce errors 404, the moment arrives for correcting them and for it there is nothing no better than the combination of the file .htaccess and redirections 301.

Thanks to this equipment you obtain that all that accedes to your Web, always does it to content and it does not have to fight with unexpected errors, something that the finders award with better positions.

3. It creates your own page of error 404

Because by very kind that you are, he is inevitable that the visits try to accede to where there is nothing and receive a HTTP 404. It remembers, also happens when the URL badly is written, so if is confused but they are not conscious, is your reputation the one that leaves losing.

But to design your own page of error 404 is not only so that it has a more beautiful aspect, but also must include other elements as:

  • A finder.
  • A list of posts more read.
  • A connection to the main page.
  • A list with the last entrances.
  • Etc.

Really, everything what it happens oneself to you so that the visitor does not leave your Web, because that is the latest that you want, truth? 😉

Error 404, problems nonfound

It is what you can say if you have arrived up to here without jumping nothing to you. As you see error 404 is not nothing of the other world, it is as trying to open the door of your house with the incorrect key: neither the lock nor the door are broken, is only that it is not as well as is opened.

Then here the same, neither the servant nor the Web have a problem. So you already know, if sometimes it happens to you, you are not hopeless. You already know how search the origin of the error and if you do not find it, and you have chosen hosting of quality, certainly its technical service helps to give you with him.