Which is best hosting WordPress of the year in Spain?

Better hosting wordpress

At the time of choosing ours hosting, is preferable to know well clearly before we are going to install in him. Following the utility that we are going to give to him we will show preference for a plan or another one of hosting based on the characteristics that this it has and the CMS to which it is focused.

If you know clearly that you are going to use WordPress in your webpage, then the best thing will be than you contract best hosting wordpress than you can find, that it assures total compatibility to you with this manager and who it is optimized for a greater speed of load and answer for the user.

Comparative hosting WordPress of Spain

To day of today practically all the good companies of hosting offer plans optimized for WordPress. It is the CMS more used not only for blogs but to create any type of pages. Therefore, he would be absurd that did not offer this service.

Any company that boasts to offer best hosting wordpress must offer these services at least:

  • Special rules Anti-Hackeo for WordPress and protection of the servant: fundamental to have our protected site.
  • Daily backup copies: If they can be several copies to the best day than better.
  • To offer PHP 7: The last version of PHP ensures one better speed to you load of your Web.
  • Specialized support: Assure you that there is to the other side somebody expert in this manager since arrived the moment you can be very useful and they can help you to optimize your site.
  • Good system of breaks: If of in case they offer to you a good system of already breaks own you will have much cattle.

Sight this, next we showed to the lodging companies Web to you WordPress that we like more:

CompanyWe emphasizeTo see
Better Valued
Coupon Webempresa Discount of 25%
Coupon Webempresa Discount of 25%
59.25€ 79.00 €/year To see Coupon
To see Coupon
2 Coupon Raiola Networks – Discount of 20%
Coupon Raiola Networks – Discount of 20%
48,82 € 65,45 € /a no To see Coupon
To see Coupon
3 SiteGround – Our experience and personal opinion
SiteGround – Our experience and personal opinion
3,95 € 7,95 €/month To see Supply
To see Supply
4 Coupon Hostinet 20% of Discount
Coupon Hostinet 20% of Discount
41,82 52,27€ To see Coupon
To see Coupon


Is Webempresa best hosting wordpress in Spanish?

In Webempresa they are specialistic in WordPress, Joomla and Prestashop, and especially have hosting designed for each of those programs, covering in each with them utilities that can more need one or the other program.

The Hosting WordPress de Webempresa is one of the most recommended nowadays. This company, in spite of being giving service to clients from 1977, is to the most recognized day of today one of. This is because it has managed to give an exceptional service to very competitive prices, concentrating only and exclusively in the 3 types of hosting more demanded nowadays by the user of on foot. If you are thinking about mounting a project in wordpress, or it is a blog, the webpage of your company or even a store online under this program, eating to you that you choose to webempresa as supplier, probably you will have best hosting wordpress in Spanish that you can find nowadays.

The reasons are many that could give you to pour off you by this company, but I am going to you to mention 3 more important from my point of view after migrating several from my projects to this site:

  1. Attention to the client: If, it is a topic, in all the sites say you that the attention to the client is first… but is that in this site it is truth. I have put them on approval in several occasions and they have always responded of fast form and solving to me first. It is certain that sometimes they have not solved it to first, but they do not leave wire drawing you and they respond until giving to you time and time again with the solution. Nor that to say has the importance of which the support is in Castilian and the 24 hours of the day. (If, also I have written to them to 2 in the morning and there they were 🙂). The equipment that takes care of to you is expert in wordpress, that is to say, are preparations for any problem with this program and until the moment to there are nothing they have not been able to solve me.
  2. Speed: To whom it does not like that their webpage is fastest possible? Then, with the discs SSD in which they lodge your webpage this will be one of the majors advantages that you will obtain. The first webpage that I migrated to webempresa improved its speed by 3 times, without touching nothing, simply changing it of hosting. In addition they arrange in its plans superiors, from the Professional plan, of Magic Cache, a system of cache concerning servant based on the Varnish accelerator that improves the speed of your Web of considerable form.
  3. Security: Sincerely, never I have phelp him excessive attention to the subject of the security in my sites. Thank god in an occasion only I had an attack to one of my sites and I could solve it, but one is thankful for all the security systems that put in his hostings so that you do not have any kind of problem.

Special plans of hosting for WordPress de Webempresa

At the time of contracting your hosting, you can choose mainly between 4 plans. (ampler others exist but they are focused mainly to hosting to reseller).

  • Home: He is most basic of all. You will have 1GB of storage in a disc SSD (+3GB for copies), 60GB of transference and a domain free to register. Price: 79€/año.
  • Standard: It is used as its name indicates. With this plan you will have 2GB of storage (+6GB of copies), 120GB of transference and also, a domain free to register. Pecio: 99€/año
  • Professional: This plan is for people who already have a webpage and want to migrate it to a servant better. If you already have a site with certain traffic you can choose this plan that offers to you: 3GB in disc SSD (+9GB for backup copies), 200GB of transference and your domain free. Price: 199€/año
  • Advanced: This already a little is better. It has 4GB of disc (+12GB of copies), 240GB of transference and the gratuitous domain. Price: 249€/año

* All the plans include SSL with Let's Encrypt free.

It remembers that with our Webempresa Coupon you will have a discount additional of 20%, reason why you will have left some very competitive prices.

Raiola Networks, the best alternative for WordPress

Better hosting wordpress optimized

If for some reason you do not want to contract your plan with Webempresa and look for valid alternatives, a good one is without a doubt Raiola Networks.

Its form to work is very similar to Webempresa.com and offer plans optimized for this platform as well as daily backup copies and an exquisite support. As extra point in this sense, they offer in addition to attention to the client by means of tickets a number of the telephone where they take care of wonder all doubts or problems.

Also we recommended this company to you if you are looking for a VPS optimized for WordPress. They are expert in this CMS, mainly Alvaro Fontella, one of its CEO's and they guarantee the best configuration to you of the servers to develop to a project using this program.

Siteground, principle WordPress quality to greater price

Web Hosting wordpress

Siteground is without a doubt one of the best companies to lodge your webpage, not only of Spain but worldwide.

Its reputation is very well well-known and is for that reason that the price raises a little more than the rest. The simplest plan, the StartUp is very economic, mainly the first year that can be contracted by 50%, but as your webpage grows in visits and size you must scale to a plan superior and the prices of the renovations more are lifted. Ten in account that the StartUp plan is recommended for some 10,000 visits to the month, something very easy to reach to little that your project is successful.

Even so, by the quality that offers, it is the best option than you can choose if your budget allows it to you. Siteground offers many extras in its plans such as plugin of special cache for its users, automatic integration with the CDN of Cloud Fare… Only these small details already are worth the trouble.