What is hosting elastic and why it is the best option for your business online


You want to mount a business online but you don't know where to lodge it?

The cheapest options are very well for beginning, but as soon as you grow a little, stop being valid… But to contract more expensive options can be an investment that you do not recover.

And if an alternative existed that mixed the best thing of each of those modalities?

Then it exists, hosting is called elastic and in the following lines we are going to tell everything you what you need to know to envelope he and why is the best option for your business online.

It interests to You? You only must continue reading.

What is hosting elastic?

In order to explain in what hosting elastic of a way consists that everybody understands, we are going to see them with an example.

We presented Maria to you, enterprising online one who has sent her business online of sale of infoproductos.

As at the outset it does not exceed the money to him, it chooses to lodge its webpage in hosting shared… and it is a wonderful option!

  • It is very cheap.
  • It does not have to worry about its maintenance.
  • It has a pile of tools to its disposition.

Everything goes rolling at the outset, because Maria only must worry to secure to visits and clients. But as soon as its page begins to be well-known, the first problems appear…

In his same servant there are other Webs that also begin to receive many visits, and as the capacity of hosting is limited, there are times that its store nonload.

Maria begins to see other options and discovers something call VPS (Servidor Privado Virtual), where the only page that will be will be hers and all the resources of the servant will be to their disposition.

That sounds brilliant! The problem is that she will have to be the one that is in charge of:

  • To manage.
  • To form.
  • To solve any incidence that happens.
  • Etc.

She… who as soon as it thus has time (and much less the necessary knowledge) for something.

What another option it has left? To contract hosting elastic, a type of servant who offers the advantages to him of the two previous options.

With hosting elastic you can have the exact resources that you need for your business online (as if it was a VPS) but managed by professionals (just as hosting shared).

And in agreement it increases the traffic of your page, allows to contract more capacity you so that the experience of your users continues being the best one.

Thanks to him, the Web of Maria always works of wonder and can grow without fear.

Advantages to contract hosting elastic

The example of above already gives enough tracks on which they are the benefits to mount your webpage on hosting elastic.

Even so, we are going to deepen in them so that DES tells of everything what desire you if contracts this type of servant.

1. Ideal to begin

Internet is a very rare world. You can think that you have the best idea and that when you send it, you will devastate, and that in the end people pass of her.

And clear, as you thought that you were the assured successful, you contracted hosting powerful in spite of to be very expensive… money to the trash.

Since you have seen before, this with hosting elastic will not happen to you.

2. Stable and safe

It is what must have professionals of the management of servers.

In addition, thanks to the technology CLoud Linux, your own independent surroundings of the others are guaranteed, which is translated in better yield and security.

3. One adapts to your needs

Doubt that does not fit this is the advantage stars of hosting elastic.

Not only it is that payments reason why you need, is that you will have the certainty that all the resources will be dedicated exclusively to your servant.

It thinks that a VPS requires of applications and an operating system to work and is inevitable that consume resources of the servant.

Nevertheless, in the elastic option this does not happen because it works with the resources of the servant in whom it lodges.

4. Only worry to you about your business

To begin a business never is simple, why to complicate more having it to manage a servant you yourself?

It won't be far better to spend to all your time and effort to obtain that your webpage takes off?

And all that without counting the costs by the licenses, if you need to contract somebody so that it makes something that you do not know, worries, etc…

Where to contract hosting elastic in Spanish?

If after all what we have to you counted, you are going to decide on this type of servant and want support in Castilian, Webempresa is your better solution.

For us there is no better option at the time of choosing of hosting and in addition, they own the certificate that grants the supplier of elastic sites official.

All this with advantages as:

What can more be asked? Perhaps a coupon of 20% of discount? 😉

Beam that your business grows without fear

All entrepreneur wants to achieve the success in his new adventure. But to reach it very fast, and when still you are not preparation, can also be something detrimental… is what is called “to die of success”.

And nothing kills plus your business online that a webpage that load or that does not fall each two by three. Not only by the bad image that it give, but because you are losing potential clients.

But that does not worry to you, because you already know the type of servant that you must contract: hosting elastic.

Convinced You this has modality of hosting? You are going to prove it?

Us the accounts in the commentaries?