What is a servant and the different types who exist: dedicated, VPN, DNS, proxy, FTP,…

that-be-a-servant-in-computer science

Certainly you know it and until perhaps you have contracted one but, you would know to say what is a servant? It is more, you knew that different types exist? Internet is based on them, so it is important that you know it all exceeds they.

By all this, and so that your business online benefits from all advantages, we told everything you what you must know to envelope they in the next lines.

We began!

What is does a servant and why serve?

For Wikipedia one is the following thing:

A servant is an application in execution (software) able to take care of requests of a client and to give back an answer to him in agreement.

That as definition is correct, which happens is that she is too generic. If we spoke of servant as everybody understands it, it is a computer science equipment that it has stored archives and is able to share them by Internet. What type of file is? Then for example:

Although by all means, also he is a servant if it is not connected to Internet.

The different types from servers who exist

Since you have seen more above, an only type of servant does not exist. In fact, based on why they are used take a name or another one and so that you know most common, we explained them to you next.

1. What is a Web server

As its own name indicates, it is the place where the webpages are stored so that everybody can accede to them through the different navigators and devices. We go, that is what everybody knows as hosting.

For that reason, if you are gliding to make money with a webpage, it is important that you know how to choose best hosting. Because in addition, these are also divided in different types based on their characteristics:

  • Shared: your site shares it with others. They are the economic and ideal option for the principle.
  • VPS: they are the abbreviations of virtual deprives server to you (virtual private servant) and are an option something more powerful than the previous one.
  • Dedicated: only for pages that receive an enormous amount of visits and need a Web server for single them.

As you see, each is thought for a state of your business online.

2. What is a servant DNS

When you sail by Internet, which happens “between borders” is that you connect your device to another device, and these are identified through an IP, that is not more than a species of matriculation to have everything more or less controlled.

In fact everything what is online has its own IP:

  • Google.
  • Facebook.
  • YouTube.
  • The device from which you connect yourself.
  • Etc.

Sure, when you enter a Web you do not write its direction IP, but his I dominate, that is a form simpler to remember. Then servant DNS is what the domain translates and takes you to direction IP.

You want more information on domains? Here we taught to you to choose the perfect domain, and here you have a guide to buy it.

3. What is a servant proxy

It returns to the previous point, in particular to the part of “you connect your device to another device”. Then a servant proxy is an intermediary who is placed between those 2. And why made is something thus? The reasons are very varied.

In some cases, the idea is to increase the security of your webpage since to attack it, it is necessary “to jump” more devices and sometimes, proxy counts on firewall. Also it can help to that your site loaded faster if a copy is stored in him I broke of your site (we discovered best plugins to you of cache for WordPrees here).

Finally, they also can be used to skip geographic restrictions. For example, if from Spain you cannot accede to a site that is in Germany (for example), if you connect yourself to proxy of that country, you will not have problems because your IP will be compatible.

4. What is a servant FTP

FTP is the File Transfer Protocol abbreviations or file transfer protocol, something that already gives a track us exceeds what this type does of servant: to transfer archives between a computer and the same.

Meaning that he is a type of servant to whom you can accede to raise the archives necessary to install WordPress or to unload files that you need. Another one of its functions can be to store backup copies of your site, although they can do much more.

5. What is a VPN servant

Like it happens with the previous point, to know what means its abbreviations gives a track to know us what does. In this case they make reference to virtual deprives server to you or in Spanish, virtual private servant.

That means that thanks to this type of servant, you can mount a virtual networking and private or what is the same, you can cause that several equipment that is not in the same physical place, is connected as if thus it was.

This has great advantages, as for example the increase of the security or that the employees of a great multinational can accede to their networks throughout everybody.

6. What is a mail servant

Then as its own name indicates, it is a servant whose “only” function is the one to send and to receive e-mails (that are not little). Really, he is the one in charge to manage emails.

Meaning that whenever offers or you receive a mail, it beams thanks to this type of servant. We go, that is just like a service of traditional mail only that in Internet.

Now that you know what is a servant, the best option chooses

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Because so important it is that you know what is a servant because you choose one that offers the best quality to you. 😉