6 advice so that your WordPress is safer and on approval of attacks of hackers



How many hours you have dedicated to him to your webpage? Better not to count them (although well they have been invested and the results are arriving).

Now, you imagine that a day a hacker decides to attack it and to throw by earth all your work? A chill crosses your body while you think “that will not pass… my site to me is very small and it does not interest to him to anybody”.

Perhaps yes but… and if it is not thus? You will remain of crossed arms or you will follow our advice to obtain a WordPress more surely?

If you decide on the second option, you only must continue reading. 😉

6 keys to have your WordPress safe

So that your webpage created with the used CMS more is bulletproof, these are some of the aspects to consider.

1. Lodge it in hosting of quality

This it is the fundamental step and therefore, to which more attention you must render. If you raise your page in a servant of low quality, by many advice who we give you, the danger always will be watching.

In this other post we explained everything to you what you need to know how to choose hosting of quality. For us it is of forced reading if you want to mount a business online (or any other type of webpage).

Although if you do not have time (the article is read fast), our recommendations are:

Those are top 3 of companies of hosting to day of today but you have more options (and discounts) in our main page.


2. Everything always to the last one

If you are already usuary of WordPress, certainly you are familiarized with the bubble orange that indicates the number of pending updates of:

  • Plugins.
  • Nucleus.
  • Groups.
  • Etc.

Then if you are of those people who always leave them for later, which you are obtaining is to make your more vulnerable webpage.

We know the respect that it gives to touch what already it works by fear to that spoils but they ten in account that, in many occasions, the updates are to correct security breaches which they have been (especially when what is updated it is the WordPress nucleus).

That is the reason for which it is so important not to have pending updates. Although it always remembers to prove them first in your installation in the premises to assure to you that there will be no problems.

3. It changes what the hackers know

Once the installation of WordPress finalizes, the normal thing is that everybody almost begins to install plugins that needs, to change the aspect, to add texts, images and others.

It is normal… The desire to have the sooner your operative site to the 100% and to begin to receive your first visits almost force you to it. In addition, of the rest already the same has taken care during the installation.

There it is the problem.

Why? Because if you leave it everything with the original configuration, you are facilitating him the life to the hackers to attack your webpage, because they already know that configuration.

A. The page of login

To see if we guessed it… when you want to enter the zone of administration of your site, it beams through “www.tudirección.com/wp-admin”, truth?

We promise that we have not hackeado your computer! 😉

It is to which we talked about with “which everybody knows”. For that reason, if you change the last part “to /entrar” or any other form, you are already complicating him the life to the hackers.

B. The area code of the tables

Just like it happens with the previous point happens with the area code of the tables of the data base.

Perhaps you do not remember it but during the installation, it has given the option you to choose one or to choose by conventional “wp_” that, since you guess, it is the form that everybody knows.

So it is enough with changing it to increase the security of your site.

C. Name of the administrator

Here the trick is to avoid to use the typical ones as “admin” but eye, you choose the one that you choose, you do not use it to sign your articles. For that the profiles in WordPress exist… It creates one with that to write all post and leaves the one of administrator so its name indicates: to administer.

Everything consists of not giving tracks. 😉

4. It uses a CDN

This is something that little people know and that, as we saw in this post, has some incredible advantages that as a summary are:

And it is by that last benefit reason why it is a good idea to count on one in your site online. Because, in case you do not know what is, one is a system through what the visitors accede to several copies of your WordPress distributed by everybody instead of the “authentic one”.

So, if somebody decides to attack it, he will not do it to the original one.

5. Unloading of sites only recognized

Doubt does not fit that one of the main advantages of this manager of contents is the great amount of options that is so much of groups, plugins, etc… In fact, we have several articles with the best gratuitous subjects for WordPress and of payment that there is.

And clear, with a so gluttonous market, they appear hundreds of sites to unload them… But you only must use those that offer guarantees (as repositorio official or the known pages more).

6. It realises backup copies

Because no matter how much you try it, the hackers always go a step ahead so, in case your Web is attacked, you will always be able to return to put it online.

For it, nothing better than to count on some of best plugins of backup copies than has.

You already know how to obtain a WordPress safe, you have something to add?

These are our advice to protect your WordPress. As you see, one is simple aspects that anyone can do.

Now we asked to you, you know other forms to increase the security in this CMS? Sometimes has your webpage been attacked? How it has been the experience? It responds to these questions or tells us what you want in the commentaries of more down.

We waited for You in them!