What is the ideal client and why it is so important that you have it well-defined

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If sums a business and you want that everybody buys to you, you are doing it bad. How it can be that? Because you are not thinking about your ideal client.

Who is that? Really exist the perfect does client? How he benefits to your webpage to know it? All those questions are the one that we answered in the today post.

But as track, it thinks that Red Bull does not look for your grandfathers of 80 years drinks it. 😉

Who is the ideal client?

According to Wikipedia, the ideal clients are:

Imaginary characters created to represent the different types from users who could use a website, a brand or a product similarly.

Or to put it another way, the ideal client (or to buyer person) is a representation of that person who, by their different characteristics, the products or services that you offer are to him perfect.

To know clearly that person “X” is indispensable for any business since, when creating it, you are able to know:

  • Its needs.
  • What looks for.
  • How it wants it.
  • How much it is arranged to pay.
  • Etc.

And once you know all that information, it is much more easy for you to offer a product or service that adapts to that profile and therefore, is simpler than it buys.

Advantages to meet your ideal client:

To be able to create that archetype of person, that is more probable that it consumes your products or services, has some benefits that nor you are perhaps expected.

1. You know his problems

And your products or services are the solution. Because you are conscious of them, you know what worries to him or what it looks for when it makes a purchase and therefore, you are able to send to the market something that adapts perfectly to its needs.

For example, if your ideal client is somebody that she looks for to contract a company of hosting to lodge his webpage, you can offer discounts to them for the best ones than she has.

For example. 😉

2. Simpler to attract users and/or clients

Because you know where search them and you do not waste the time in going where there are no possibilities. He is as if you are a photographer of whales, you will not look for them the center of Africa, truth? Then with the ideal client it happens the same.

Following with the examples, if you create a blog with a CMS where you comment the last new features of technology, and your buyer person it interests to him but it does not have great knowledge, if you use a language very technician will go away immediately (something who harms to your SEO).

Nevertheless, if you use a language that understands well, certainly reads all posts and one becomes a faithful reader (something who improves your SEO).

3. You generate engagement with your brand

First, in case anybody does not know what is engagement, according to 40defiebre is:

The capacity of a product (one marks, a blog, an application) to create solid and lasting relations with its users being generated that commitment that settles down between the brand and the consumers.

Or to put it another way, it is when you obtain that all that interacts with your business sees it as something more than that (known as fan boys). We could almost say that it is to enamor with your brand, which is translated in faithful and happy clients.

Who does not want something thus?

How “to construct” your ideal client

Once it is clear of what it consists and all the advantages that it has, are called on you to remangar to you and to put hands to you to the work to create yours. For it, a good idea is to count on these data:

  • Name: at the most real it is better so, ponle name (and until a photo if it is necessary). In addition, you can have several ideal clients and thus it is easier to distinguish them.
  • Its situation: personal as as much professional, in what it works? It has pair? Children? He is happy with his work? At the most you know, better.
  • Demographic data: here one is to make specific most possible and to know his sex, his age, where it lives, how much it receives, etc…
  • How it acts: if we spoke of the case of buyer person for a blog, you must know if it likes to read posts, if it prefers videos, to receive to newsletter and other aspects.
  • Its objective: what is what hopes to obtain? Which is the reason that makes him buy your product or service?

This is only some of the aspects that you must know but, as you tenth, at the most you know on your ideal client, better. And to obtain them, you do not doubt in asking all users with surveys or any other method that are happened to you.

Useful advice to create your ideal client

So that nonstartings in “cold”, we give the following advice you so that your buyer person it comes out well to first:

  • At the outset, only center to you in one: although you can have several ideal clients, is better than first you dedicate all efforts in only creating one. There will already be time advanced more to go to by the others.
  • It creates to buyer negative person: thus you will know the type of client that you do not want to have (and you save worries).
  • Do it “real”: for that reason we insisted on which you deepen to the maximum. It is more, the ideal is that you look for a photo of somebody so that you put face to him and everything (you have the best banks of gratuitous images here so that you choose).
  • It asks your public: the nobody best one to know its needs that your own users. Perhaps that yes, you must offer something in return so that they answer your questions. 😉

All this, giving by seated that you have already looked at Google Analytics and accounts with the data that it provides to you, by all means.

And you, you have your ideal client already?

Since you have seen in this post, if nonaccounts or with your ideal client, your website is losing buying visits and… So or you know, ponte in Frankenstein way and creates that person who you know that yes or yes it is going to want to subscribe to your blog, to buy in your store online or to contract your services.

But before going you to the laboratory, if you want to comment us something, to add some advice or to present us to your buyer person, you just have the commentaries to your whole disposition underneath.

We waited for your “creation”! 😉