Coupon discount Digital Factory of exclusive 30%

Coupon Digital Factory

Obtén a 30% of discount in the annual hiring of a plan of hosting.

69,65 € /a no 99,50 € /a no

Coupon discount Digital Factory of exclusive 30%

Digital factory is a Spanish company that has specialized in offering hosting WordPress, Prestashop and Magente, that is to say, has concentrated mainly in the used manager more (wordpress) and in two of the platforms more used and powerful to manage a store online.

If you want to lodge comecio electronic Digital Factory can be your option recommended without no place to doubts and now more thanks to our code can cheap leave you discount Digital Factory.

Factoriadigital coupon discount

Digital factory, characteristics and strength

Nothing else to enter the webpage of calls the antención that by all sides puts that they reduce to the speed of load of your webpage several times than you have now.

The truth is that when concentrating mainly in the electronic commerce, they perfectly know the importance that has the speed of load of a webpage to increase the conversions and to retain the clients.

For that reason they very take in serious east aspect and they throughout emphasize it of its Web.

Of Siteground we like:
  • By every second that takes in loading your webpage you lose a 7% of conversion.
  • 79% of buyers that they have problems of yield with a page assure not to return to her.
  • At the most fast it loads your store online better will be your positioning in Google.

Another one of strength that we would like to stand out of Digital Factory is its support, in fast Spanish and, taken care of by an expert team that will resolve your doubts to the greater brevity.

To emphasize that they have not concentrated in offering an economic service. They know that its service is good and receive for this reason, looking for companies that do not pay attention so much to the price but to the quality of the same.

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Digital factory, Hosting for WordPress, Prestashop and Magento.

Hosting WordPress, Prestashop and Magento

We are customary to that practically all the companies of the sector offer plans optimized for WordPress and Prestashop, but for Magento already usually is more complicated. It is a used program to only mount stores online and its complexity causes that it is not within reach of all.

Digital factory has wanted to be different itself from the rest in this aspect and offer hosting for Magento of quality and support specialized in this tool.

The plans of hosting for the 3 programs come to be the same with the difference of which each is optimized for the same. By the others, the common characteristics are the same:

Plan:Only: 99,50€Basic.: 149,50€Professional: 199,50€
Transfer FreeIfIfIf
OptimizationIf613 times faster613 times more rápido/td>
Groups Free (WordPress)IfIfIf
Domisnios FreeIfIfIf
Space SSD10GB20GB30GB
Accounts of Mail100200400
SupportIf, preference plans superiorsIfIf, telephone

Your WordPress up to 613 times faster

Greater speed of load

This is the afimarción that does to tell the truth in their plans of hosting for WordPress and, seems to us a little exaggerated. It is certain that their servers are optimized and allow some very good times of load very well, but of saying there that your webpage loads more than 600 times faster…

They use what they have denominated “FactoriaSpeed WordPress Cache”, with which assure that 613 more requests are obtained than a system without cache and up to 2.5 more than using Super WP Cache that is plugin more used nowadays in WordPress.

Digital factory Breaks

FactorieSecure, Security for your webpage

  • They include automatic patches for the security of WordPress updated to diaro. (Free in Plan Company)
  • Eleminación of unnecessary services leaving only the strictly necessary ones for the correct funcioamiento of wordpress avoiding of this form infections and attacks.
  • It completes stable version of PHP.
  • Specific rules to protect the installation and your wordpress
  • Backups daily with copies in tur own servant and another external one so that in case of problems with your servant you do not lose the information.
  • Recoverable copies by same you from your Control Panel.
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Professional VPS of Digital Factory, for most demanding

If you want to have the best thing of the best thing and with a preferred support, you can show preference for the option to contract to a VPS or professional virtual servant.

The VPS much more offer disc space to you SSD that hosting shared traditional and you will have until 12GB of RAM.

If the price for your project is not a problem you can show preference for some of the 2 options that offer or forms you yourself a VPS to your measurement that satisfies your needs.

VPS Digital Factory

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Advantages and disadvantages of Digital Factory

  • Discs SSD of high quality
  • Speed of exceptional load thanks to its excellent optimization
  • Attention to the client of quality and telephone of support (900 525 805)
  • Specialists in electronic commerce

  • Prices superiors to the competition.
  • One lies down in lack simpler plans.

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Final valuation and opinions of Digital Factory

Opinions Digital Factory

After entering his webpage we can see clearly as their plans of hosting are focused mainly to the electronic commerce. Or you have a store in wordpress with Woocommerce, Prestshop or Magento, if yours it is a store online you know that with Digital Factory you will have a good ally for your project.

They are specialistic in giving support to stores online and that in our opinion is very important. Not if it will have happened to you sometimes that you are with a supplier and you need specific support ecommerce, there it is when it give account you that in many sites in that sense is very green there, mainly if is presatashop or no longer we say of Magento.

Our personal opinion is that Digital Factory deserves much the pain if you want to lodge a store and you would not have to think it much to you if the price seems to you correct. If however one goes away to you a little budget you would have to look alguan of the other alternatives that we showed to you.

How to use the coupon discount of Digital Factory

To take control of a 30% of discount at the time of contracting to a lodging plan Web is very simple. You only have to choose the plan that agrees to you more and at the time of paying to click where it says “I have a coupon discount” and to introduce the code that you will discover here down:

Coupon Digital Factory

Obtén a 30% of discount in the annual hiring of a plan of hosting.

99,50 €/año 69,65 €/año

Coupon discount digital Factory

It remembers that to benefit to you from the discount you must choose annual hiring (12 months) and in addition they will free give 2 months to you (to part of 30% that we to you offer).

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