FatCow web hosting opened their doors in 1998 and has become one of the movers and shakers in the web hosting industry. Based in the philosophy of old fashioned service, FatCow offers state of the art technology for the ideal combination of offerings. Web hosting plans offered by FatCow are ideal for small business and personal web pages and they offer one price for all.


FatCow is a full service hosting company and offer email and domain services, marketing services and website management. Customers will have access to site building and optimizing tools in order to build a website.

FatCow is customer motivated and friendly and provides helpful tasks such as site back up, professional SEO services, site lock and $100 credit for Google Adwords. FatCow always has a first year introductory offer.

Business website owners will find ecommerce tools such as SSL secure servers and shopping carts. People who shop online are always concerned about website security when it comes to using some kind of payment. FatCow also offers coupons, sales and online catalogs with PayPal and credit card integration.

One of the goals of FatCow is to help their customers get a web page up and running as soon as possible without reinventing the website wheel. Web hosting packages are economically priced and right for most web hosting budgets. FatCow is designed for first time website owners and provides all the tools a first time website owner needs to know.

At the top of the FatCow list of things to do well is customer service. The staff is knowledgeable and available to offer solutions and answer questions around the clock every day of the year. FatCow does not take a day off, allowing customers to get help whenever it is needed to keep their website up and spinning. This is especially important for ecommerce sites. Being online means business and being offline means no business.

FatCow has taken a step into the environmentally responsible world and power their servers with wind energy. The FatCow data centers and offices are also powered by wind. FatCow has made a conscience effort to minimize their carbon footprint for themselves and their customers.