Comparative of hosting

Comparator of hosting

Which is the best company of hosting in Spain?

  • Analysis and description of each one of the companies of Web Hosting
  • Special coupons discount for each of them
  • Exclusive promotions for our users
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Raiola Networks
Hosting Siteground
Professional hosting

Ours hosting recommended:

Better Valued Coupon Webempresa Discount of 25%

Coupon Webempresa Discount of 25%

If you are looking for hosting shared fast, trustworthy and with an exceptional support, Webempresa is without a doubt your option. He is something more expensive than many of its competitors but you will sleep calm knowing that you nowadays have your website in one of the best options. Furthermore thanks to his coupons discount you can obtain it to very good price.

59.25€ 79.00 €/year To see Coupon
To see Coupon
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2 Coupon Raiola Networks – Discount of 20%

Coupon Raiola Networks – Discount of 20%

A young company but that knows very well what it becomes. Thanks to his support and quality of his services one has gained to be between our preferred companies to lodge webpages.

48,82 € 65,45 € /a no To see Coupon
To see Coupon
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3 Cubenode Opinions and code discount -10%

Cubenode Opinions and code discount -10%

We emphasize Cubenode as one of the best provedores of virtual servers of the Spanish market.

3,45 € 3,84 €/month To see Coupon
To see Coupon
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4 SiteGround – Our experience and personal opinion

SiteGround – Our experience and personal opinion

The best quality at the cost of a greater price. If you can allow you, you do not think it to you, Siteground is nowadays the best alternative to lodge your project Web.

3,95 € 7,95 €/month To see Supply
To see Supply
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5 Promotional code Professional Hosting – Opinions

Promotional code Professional Hosting – Opinions

Totally complete company of hosting with great amount of hosting to choose based on script that you want to choose for your project.

2,40 € 1,92 €/month To see Coupon
To see Coupon
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6 Coupon Hostinet 20% of Discount

Coupon Hostinet 20% of Discount

Hosting of quality with discs SSD to very competitive prices. Disponde of plans also optimized for wordpress, Joomla and Prestashop.

41,82 52,27€ To see Coupon
To see Coupon
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7 Coupon Nicalia discount

Coupon Nicalia discount

Nicalia is a relatively small company with the advantages that entails. It takes care of to his clients offering a customized service and of quality.

8 Coupon discount Digital Factory of exclusive 30%

Coupon discount Digital Factory of exclusive 30%

If you are thinking about mounting a store online and the speed about load of your webpage worries to you, Digital Factory is without a doubt an option that you can very consider in your search.

69,65 € /a no 99,50 € /a no To see Coupon
To see Coupon
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9 Ipage opinions – best hosting limitless and multidomain

Ipage opinions – best hosting limitless and multidomain

Ipage is one of the world-wide leaders in offering hosting for limitless projects. Metheglin everything what you want by very little money.

1,99$ 11,95$ To see Supply
To see Supply
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10 Host Europe Promotional Code

Host Europe Promotional Code

If you look for hosting with good relation quality price for a normal project, it seems to us a good option.

-25% 2,99€ TO SEE COUPON
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Step 1


Elige hosting

A lodging company Web of our list chooses.

Step 2


It applies coupon

It introduces the code discount that we give you at the time of realising the payment.

Step 3


It saves in the hiring

It obtains between a 10% and a 90% in the payment of your hosting in addition to other benefits.

Bienvenido/a to our page of analysis and coupons discount for hosting. If you are thinking to contract a lodging Web for your page you are in the correct site since you can look for information of what he is best hosting for your project and in addition you can secure to the best price thanks to our special supplies and promotions to it. Before choosing a certain company a look throws to our comparator of hosting and chooses the best one for you.

Aspects to consider to choose good hosting

Comparative of Hosting

At the time of evaluating a company and including it in our comparative one of hosting, we consider much aspect, but some that cannot lack are the following that we mentioned to you next:

Technical support: Doubtless one of the aspects that we valued and we consider at the time of pouring off themselves more and recommending hosting. They already can offer the fastest lodging to us and trustworthy of the market that if it does not have support is not used us for anything. Sooner or later you will have to make use of the technical support for something and is when note there if a company is good or no.

Thank god the subject of the support has improved much, mainly in Spanish companies of hosting with the arrival from new participants to the market and every time more in account is had this aspect.

The greater problem than we see him, if it can get to be a problem, is that one has settled down as it regulates to offer a support by tickets before telephone and many companies are only the mass media that allow between client and company. Even so, there are companies that therefore go to them very either because really manage it or, as it can be Webempresa, that does not have a telephone of attention to the client but its service of tickets is so good and respond so fast that to day of today them it is necessary not to offer a telephone. Unless they have an attention to the excellent client by tickets, the ideal but is that the company that you choose offers a phone number to resolve all doubts.

Speed of load: There is day of today one of the most important factors, as much to posiconar itself in Google as retaining your visitors, is to have a speed of fast load Web. By every second of more than behind schedule in loading your page you will be losing visitors and clients, apart from which Google will give to minor score and you will lower positions you in the finder. However, if your page is fast and quick, Google will compensate for that reason and you will increase the permanence to you of your users in the Web or lies down online who you have. In the end everything is related and Google which looks for is that the user experience is good. At greater speed better experience of user and better classification in the finder.

Facilida of use: It is important that the company of hosting that you have chosen offers a simple panel to you and intuitive to handle your sites, power to create email accounts easily, to transfer archives of simple form… The majority of companies of hosting offers panels as and cPanel or Plesk, reason why already it is a point to favor for them and facilitates much the things.

Price: As it could not be of another way, the price is another one of the factors important to consider at the time of showing preference for one or the other option. Hosting of the world already can offer you best that if he is most expensive to not serves us don't mention it. It is necessary search a good relation quality price and to value well that they offer to us and whichever they request us by. You cannot either be gone to the cheapest option because all we know that nobody offers duros to pesetas and in hosting it happens equal, as of the same form companies of hosting exist free that although can merit to begin a project, we would never recommend it for a serious project.

Type of lodging Web: Hosting is not the same limitless simple that to need the best Spanish VPS for your project. Also, if you want to resell lodging Web to your clients you will have to make you with best hosting reseller than it has in the market not to have problems and to assure a good service.

Of the same form, if what you want is not only to have a mere showcase to the public but to mount your own store online, you will have to consider if you want to use a CMS as Prestashop or to choose good hosting for Woocommerce if you decide to install it in Wordpress.

Of what companies we offer coupons discount?

Constantly we are negotiating with the main national companies of hosting as as much international to secure the best promotions for you. Constantly we are updating the supplies and increasing the number of hosting that offers this type of coupons, but at the moment have the following:

Webempresa coupon: At the moment hosting is favorite ours and the best one valued. Their exceptional support and speed of load of the pages that we have there lodged make us pour off us by him as the best one. At the moment it has a discount of 20%

Coupon Raiola Networks: Ours second evaluated and recommended option more. The support like Webempresa is very good and professional, responding always fast to any doubt that could arise to you. The present promotion is also of 20%.

Professional code discount Hosting: Another one of the companies that we like much and of which we offer a 21% to you of discount. We like by the great variety of different plans and scripts that she offers.

Nodenet coupon: Nodenet is a young company but that offers very competitive prices for simple projects. We offer a discount to you applicable to this type of plans as a its servers.

Coupon discount Digital Factory: If you are looking for a lodging specialized in stores online, an eye throws to the proposal of Digital Factory, more expensive than the perfect competition but for electronic commerce.

Code Sered discount: You can also take advantage of the coupon that we have for Sered, company that we emphasized by his hosting with different perfect IP to lodge a network of blogs.

Hostgator coupon: A classic one enters the classic ones come to less. If you are fanatical of Hostgator you do not contract its plans without before using one of our supplies.

Best opinions of hosting also in

Opinions hosting

As not only we want to be a referring one in hosting with promotions, also we offer analysis and meticulous studies of the best as much national companies of hosting as international, so that the fan that you must to choose is amplest possible.

In our comparative one of hosting you can in addition find:

Siteground opinions: International Hosting recently arrived at Spain with a very good acceptance and some characteristic that they excel over the rest. Without a doubt one of top 3 of our comparative one.

Desafiohosting: A little well-known company but that offers some interesting benefits and to consider if you look for hosting cheap.

1and1 opinions: We give our valuation you of 1and1, one of worse the unemployed in our analyses and that after our experience we did not recommend, although even so there is people satisfied with them.

Hostalia opinion: A classic one of the Spanish companies of hosting. It in the end offers great variety of services although, that much sandal…

Banahosting: Recognized hosting international with version in Spanish. It sticks it is that it does not have Spanish IP but is an option that is not nothing bad.

Bluehost opinions: If you look for hosting with impeccable an international recognition and some very good benefits, Bluehost is nowadays one of the most recommended anywhere in the world.

Arsys opinions: Another one of the Spanish companies that want to include much and that it is recognized by everybody thanks to his marketing. It discovers why we thought that there are better options nowadays in the Spanish market.

eHost: One of the newer companies of hosting limitless of the international panorama and that better critics is obtaining. It is talking back the business model that worked to him so well to Hostgator in the past improving the negative points that this had.

Ipage opinion: In classic international of lodging Web I control and limitless. In our opinion one of the best options than exists in this sense improving the offered thing by Hostgator without a doubt.

Nominalia opinions: Another quite also well-known Nacional company by its announcements in press and online means. It also offers very many options in addition to hosting.

As you can see, in our Web of analysis of hosting you can find all the great companies of hosting of the national and international panorama, lodgings Web specialized only and exclusively in that and other that in addition offer options more outposts as electronic commerce, marketing… what you want.

It visits the card of the company that interests and discovers the promotion to you that we have kept for you!